The Process

As a customer oriented company, we aim to deliver high quality analytical services under a friendly and educational environment. We look to build long term relationships with each and every customer and customize solutions to meet their the individual needs, it's who we are. Above all we believe that communication is vital and work towards helping you understand the new world of technology.

If you have never dealt with analytics before, it can be an intimidating field to try and step into. Below we outline the basic steps of what occurs.

Initial Meeting

After getting to know your business, we look to help your company dive into analytics. Usually, the best way to start is to perform a Data Audit. Although this step is not necessary, it will help assess the data quality and provide a detailed proposal for potential analytical work. This then can help us plan needs on budget, deadline, etc. Otherwise, if your company is confident in your data and data structure, we can get down to business.


  • Discuss data readiness
  • Develop strategy to tackle business problems
  • Undergo process of defining correct analysis

Analytical Solution

We will now develop the correct model of analysis for your business. Based on your needs, we will work towards implementing a customized model. The customized model will go through a validation period for accuracy and business application. The initial solution to the business problem will be presented. This is now the time for any iterations needing to be applied to the solution based on your needs. This way you get what you need in your analysis.


  • Development of analytical model
  • Linking of data findings to business problem
  • Iterations done as needed

Follow Up

The business value from the model will be measured. As a client, your feedback is welcomed to critique the model, as well as to help us improve your model. Depending on the measurements, new analysis can possibly take place. Then, future business strategy can be developed around analytics.


  • Finding total business metrics change
  • Feedback based upon models actionability

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