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Just Published: The Business of Marketing Research

Kwantum is happy to announce a new book: "The Business of Marketing Research" (Cognella), co-authored by Kwantum's own Marco Vriens, Ph.D.

Why a new book on marketing research? Don't we have enough already? Well - not quite. The authors detected some critical gaps in the market, namely:

  1. We wanted to write a book for undergraduate marketing students that is better aligned with commercial reality

  2. We wanted to cover analytics in a different way, Quite a few marketing researchers feel that they may lag behind in the area of knowing what you need to know as a consumer of analytics

  3. We wanted to cover some topics that we don't often see in marketing research books, such as brand research, product & advertising research and neuro-marketing research."

This book, authored by a trifecta of research experts from academia and the research client and research supplier sides, offers the most relevant perspectives, challenges and trends in market research today. Students of research as well as marketing and research professionals will benefit from understanding the marketing research value chain and the many practical examples of real-world applications for the most common, and newest methods of analytics.

From how to conduct brand and customer satisfaction research to the application of neuroscience techniques, readers will come away with a robust understanding of the business of marketing research as it applies to their analytical needs in the rapidly changing world of big data.

Stay tuned for a series of companion video blogs for The Business of Marketing Research.

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